Who We Are

We are Seattle-Based music lovers and event hosts. We thrive in the bustling environments full of laughter and liveliness - and when it's not there, we'll be sure to bring smiles and songs to make your night one for the books! We have worked with many people, and ensured that each evening was customized to the preference of the client. We know that many might consider Weddings to be a stressful time, and that is why we want to make it our job to ensure things run smoothly and that the entertainment is one less thing for the happy couple to worry about on their big day. We will always show up to an event - rain, snow, sleet, or hail! Above all else, we love to provide the good times elemental to the beginning of a couple's journey together.

We service all of Seattle and it's surrounding Western-Washington areas
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"Our mission is to provide life and joy to all whom are willing to Listen"

EMP - MoPop Seattle. Event Hosts and DJs for your private event


At Limitless Event DJs we strive to provide premium service and years of experience at an affordable price to the whole Seattle Area and sorrounding Cities. With access to the largest sound collection in the Northwest we create opportunities that no other DJ can provide.
We're passionate music lovers and incessant on making sure you have the best possible experience at your event. We believe in constant communication with our clients and work our hardest to make sure your night is one that you'll never forget.

Gianna Spangler Event DJ and Host


I have been passionate about music since the first moment my father played me "Love Shack" by the B-52's when I was five. I have since dedicated my life to becoming an expert in all genres, and it is my greatest pleasure to find and play the songs that have outlasted time in the hearts of individuals. I want to be able to capture the magic of an evening through song, and bridge the gap between the youngest guest and the oldest guest so that they all may enjoy the splendor of music - and dancing!  

Billy Heany Wedding DJ


As a long time musician, I've always been an entertainer and love listening to and creating music. I have always loved to sing, and this trickled down into my life in ways from Choir to Karaoke. I believe that the music and atmosphere of an event plays a vital role in determining the mood of the people, and that is how I found myself doing what I do now. I bring energy to the table and lightning to the atmosphere, because more than anything - I am dedicated to bringing a great show for all to enjoy.